Tu sungteng Sozang thu piang leh Tedim niangtui sai vaitawh khuadung
vai in inn lam a te kibuai aa tu ni ciangciang ih sepnate ah mabante
ih matut zo diamdiam ihih manin lungdam hang.

Hih bangthu kawmkal-ah 12/7/2012 ni-in Valvuam khua pan Tedim khua ah
pilna ningzun hong dawn a hi Lia Cing Sian Nuam S/o Pa Suan Mun Tung
tanu in nitak anne kimlai hong nusia vat in innteek lungsim tawh a
Khuanuai ciang Mawtaw pai theih na tantan zanzan in kipua hi.

Tu-in a thu khualluat manin Zomi khat ahi Pa Thang Sian Mung tano 3 te
pa in 15/7/2012 ni-in Sozang khua Tuiphum han ah kivui ding aa a ma
hong nusiat ni Tedim Zato misi buuk ah mi 80 bang lungpho dahpihna ih
lah mah bangin Tedim panin motor 3 tawh Zo Lengthe naitau ah 12:00 AM
hun in khangno a hi thei zahzah kipai ding ahih manin Zingteh nang'
nong zui zo diam?

Tedim Khangno Kipawlna

1. Galkap (2)te pen Taingen pan in kiman aa Palik pa pen tu laitak
Tedim Thong inn ah kikhum hithiat phot hi.

2. Diesel man hong sik nuam a om leh kingah. 


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