The 3rd World Zomi Convention Program
The 3rd World Zomi Convention

Lamka Public Ground I 25th-27th Oct, 2013

25th Oct, 2013

Inaugurat ion programme
A Grand Cultural Exchange & Cultural Exibition
Venue : Lamka Public Ground, Time : 1000 hrs

Masters of the Programme : (i) Mung Vualnam, (ii) Cicilia Maman (iii) Lun Suante

Inspection of heritage Centres (a display of traditional house, traditional foods, custumes, handicrafts, handloom, musical instruments, etc)

@ Light of Convention Lamp

@ Convention Prayer : Rev. Vanmawia

@ Joint Choir : "Halleluijah Chorus"

@ Speech : Convenor and Chairman, Zomi Council

@ Releasing of Books,Souvenir and Journals :

@ Cultural Exchange : Naga Cultural Troupes, Meitei Cultural Troupes & Thang-ta Dance

@ Cultural Exibition : Simultenous presentation of Cultural Dances by various tribes

@ Special nos. : Zo Artists, Zorock, Bawngkawn Pastor Bial zaipawl, ICI Central Choir, EBC Lamka North Division Choir, Mizoram Cardinal Choir & Others

@ Special Items : Zomi Youth Association (India & Burma)

@ Speech : Chief Host, Guest of Honour, Functional President and the Chief Guest

@ Closing Prayer : Rev. Dr. Sutkhanthang

Special Guest

# Shri. K. Govindas, Hon'ble Minister (Industries, Vety.& Animal Husbandry) Manipur

# Shri. Ngamthang Haokip, Hon'ble Minister (IFCD, Printing & Stationary) Manipur

# Shri. Francis Ngajokpa, Hon'ble Minister (RD, PR, Eco & Statistics), Manipur

# Shri. M.D. Nasir, Hon'ble Minister, (Agriculture & Fisheries), Manipur.

# Shri. Dr. Chaltonlien Amo, Hon'ble Chairman, Hill Area Committee (HAC), Manipur Legislative Assembly.

# Shri Thangso Baite, Hon'ble MP (Lok shabha)

# Dr. H.T. Sangliana, Hon'ble Vice Chairman, Minority Commission, Govt. of India.

# Takam Sanjay, Hon'ble MP & President All India Tribal MPs Forum.

# Zoramthanga, President, Mizo National Front (MNF)

25th Oct, 2013 & 26th Oct, 2013

Worship Programmes (Evening)
Theme : Be a Blessed Nation (Gen. 12:1-3)
Venue : Selected Churches Time : 1800 hrs

Speakers of the Worship programmes:

(i) Rev. Dr. P. Kigen

(ii) Rev. Dr. T. Pumzathang Tombing

(iii) Rev. Dr. J.L. Songate

(iv) (Regt) Rev. Dr. Ginkhanmung Zou

(v) Rev. G. Paukhanmang

(vi) Rev. Dr. Ginkhankhual

(vii) Rev. Dr. Ginsianthang Vualnam

(viii) Pu T. Damkhothang

(ix) Rev. Khen P Tombing

(x) Rev. Paukhankhai

25th to 26th Oct, 2013

Seminar/Workshop on "Issues, Challenges and Opportunities of the Zomi"
Venue : YPA Hq Hall, Hiangtam Lamka, Tmie : 1000 hrs-1600 hrs

Resource persons

Pro. Edward Rodges

Prof. C. Thangztuan

Dr. David Vumlallian Zou

Dr. Lamkhanpiang

Dr. Bianca Mangkhanching

Dr. J. Doungel

H. Thangzamuan

Ms Joan Carling

Panellists & Moderator

Dr. Tualchin Neihsial

Dr. Rosiem Pudaite

Dr. Joseph Suantak

Dr. Pumkhanpau

Dr. Stanly Touthang

Dr. Mary Grace

Ginzamang T. Zomi

Dr. H. Kamkhentahng Guite

Dr. Nengngaihlian

Rev. Dr. Ginkhankhual

Dr. S. Chinzakham Ngaihte

Planery Speech

Pu S. Thangkhangin Ngaihte

Pu Sailiana Sailo, IAS (Retd)

Pu Nathan Bawm Zo

Pu Cinsianthang (ZCD/ZNC), Myanmar

27th Oct, 2013

Venue : Lamka Public Ground, Time : 1300 hrs

Masters of the Progarmme: (i) Rev Stephen chinzathang, (ii) Lily Luanmawi Tombing

# Valedictory Message : Rev Pum Za Thang Tombing

# Valedictory Speech : Selected Leaders

# Short Messages : AMUCO, AITSAD, ATCFM, GZA, HI, MPC, UNC, ZC and others

# You shine in our hearts : Tribute to the departed leaders (Pu Laldenga, Pu Tun Kho Pum Baite , Pu Chengjapao Doungel, Pu T Gougin and others

# Heal our Land : Mass Prayer for the Nation

# Special Nos. : Zo Artistes, Zorock, Bawngkawn Pastor Bial Zaipawl, ICI Central Choir, EBC Lamka N/Division Choir, Zou Presbyterian church Synod Choir, CBA Central Choir, Mizoram Cardinal Choir and others.



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