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Pa Thang Khen Mang 63 F/O N.Khup Mung Naulak in Dt.21.11.2013, 2pm kimin Lamka pan hong nusia cih thu kiza, Pa Mang in a zi masa Nu Niang Sian tawh ta pasal 4 leh numei 2 nei a a zikik tawh tua bangmah nei hi a nusiat a zi a ta a tute Topan  hong hehnep sak ta hen amau tawh a kibangin i dahpih hi. 

Pa. Hang Thawn Tuang,
Aizawl, India


01/21/2016 14:49

This content is not written in English language but it is short in length that’s why we can easily translate it in our desired language through google translate app. I hope it will be interesting and informative for everyone and they can enhance knowledge by reading it thoroughly.


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