Kawlgam kikhelna tawh kizui-in, Zogam le Zomite' sung zongah mai lam khantohna dingin kipawlna tuamtuam le lampi tuamtuam tawh mapanna kinei zihziah hi. Tuate' sungah a omsa Zomi kipawlnate le adiakdiak in GZA,ZCD le ZRO/A te tawh mapankhop ding lunggulhna tungtawn in Zoland Group kipankhia a, a nuai abangin ngimna le kalsuanzia dingte pulakna nei uh hi.
(1) Kawlgam ah federal democracy kiukna aom nading leh kilemna a omna ding vai hawmna te ah mapang ding.

- To be involved in Federal Democratic Reforms, ethnic reconciliation and peace process in Burma.
(2) Kawlgam ah human rights om nading, biakna leh press suahtakna om nading in mapang ding.
- To participate in advocacy for human rights, racial equity, freedom of religion and press.
(3) Zomi Congress for Democracy (ZCD) leh Zomi Re-unification Organization/ ZRA te panpih in thapia ding.
- To serve for Zomi unity and support ZRO/A for the security and safeguard of Zoland.
(4) Kawlgam Census 2014 vai ah ZCD leh GZA te vai hawm na thukim pih ding.
- To endorse ZDC and GZA statement on Zomi to be printed on Myanmar Census 2014.
(5) Zogam bup khantoh na ding, nuntakna nop tuam na ding akisam bulpi teng sem ding.

- To establish infrastructure and services to help raise the standard of living and quality of life.
(6) Zogam kiim leh paam logam, singkunglopa leh gamsa te kept cing zawh na ding in sem ding.
- To campaign for environmental protection, farmland, forests and wildlife.
(7) Singkung phuk nawnloh na ding in, nileh huih tha pan Khuaphelep meitha bawl ding.

- To develop renewable energy including solar and wind power in order to reduce reliance on wood.
(8) Paletwa-Cikha lamzikpi bawl in, Mizogam leh Manipur gam tawh ki zopna gel ding.
- To recommend Paletwa jetty - Cikha highway construction to link Mizoram & Manipur State.
(9) Gullu vai gamdangte tawh thukimna athak in bawl ding, Zogam ah nickel bawl ding.
- To advocate for nickel mining and to build refinery factory in Zoland.
(10) Zogam ah industrial parks (setmuh zones) bawl ding.
- To establish clean industrial parks (economic and manufacture zone) in Zoland.
(11) Zogam khantoh nading in asem nuam khempeuh tawh, minam deidan lo in sem khawm ding.
-To collaborate with groups that have similar objectives regardless of their national origin.
(12) Kawlkumpi leh U.S. kumpi te law zui-in, matpongten bawlin na sem ding.
- To register as a non-profit organization under the Laws of Myanmar and the U.S.). Including solar and wind power in order to reduce reliance on wood.
Hih Zoland Group nasepna ah alunglutte in kum khat $1000 /$500 /$100 /$60 tawh mapang thei ding hi. A kicingzaw in a thei nuamte in a nuai a Address tungtawn in kizomthei ding hi.
Pu Zam King Mang

Email: kingmangzo@yahoo.com

Portland, Oregon State, USA



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