Tedim Road pen gam 2 tawnin Kawlpi - Imphal kikal hi a, Kawlpi - Cikha (Khenman) kikal tai 135 leh Khenman(Behiang) - Imphal kikal km 100 val hi. Tedim Road thupina in Zomite gam limlak lampi hi a, Zomite gam sunga Lamlianpi asaupen leh akizangpen hikha ding hi.

Zogam lamliante

1 Tedim Road : Kalaymyo - Tedim - Tonzang - Cikha - Behiang - Singngat - Lamka

2 Asean Highway: Kalaymyo - Khampat - Tamu - Moreh - Tengnopal - Pallel - Suknu - Lamka

3 Guite Road: Lamka - Singngat - Suangdawh - Thanlon - Kangkap - Mimbung - Teikhang - Nahlan - Tonsim - Aizawl

4 Kalaymyo - Tedim - Laitui - Ciau - Zokhawthar - Tonsim - Aizawl

5 Kalaymyo - Tedim - Tuithang - Zampi - Haiciin - Enpai - Singngat - Lamka

6 Cikha - Suanghoih - Senam - Ngeisokbawkmual - Likhan - Khampat

Akuppih nuamte in hong behlap un. Zogam lim mitkha ah aluai theihna ding cihna hi.

Sia Lang Khai(Zomi Times) 



02/04/2017 01:14

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