Hongnusia Bianca Mang Khan Cing in ZTK ah a laikhaak ngeikhat amah phawkna in hong suaksak kik ung.


(Zosuan Tuailai Khawmpi ah, Pu Vum Son tanu Bianca Mang Khan Cing in London pan aa veina, lainatna, itna, kinna, lunglenna tawh ong khaak lai ong khaaksawn ing. Zolai in Dr Piang in ong letsak ahihi. Hih lai tegel in ZTK khawmpi ah kisim manlo ahihhang, kizopna neikhin ihihman in, ong kah khempeuh ngahtheih ding in kivaihawm dinghi, Topa'n Thupha ongpiaksak henla, i minam, i gam makaihzo ding ong siamsak tahen. Zosuan Tuailai Khawmpi Nipini nitaak in, Rev. DR. Nang Sawm Piang in Zomi tawh kisai Bianca Mang Khan Cing nasepna mipi tung ah pulaakna tawm neihi. - hkl)


Date: May 31, 2013
It leh Ngaih Zosuan Tuailaite Aw,
Sente hamsiat khatin hih bangin gen hi, “Na khan kumkhua pen lungngaihna hun laitak hi hen.” Note pen, a taktakin, lungngaihna hun a hing na hi uh hi. Lungnaihna hun kici pen, thagumhatna tawh ahilotheilo a i hinkhua hong kivelkiksak, leitungah i omna mun-mualte hong ensak, leh mailam a ding hong ngaihsunsak hun hi.


Makaite in a nunguh zui ding leh amaute gen peuh um dingin tuailaite hong zawhsawm hi. Ahizongin, atawpna ah, nang pen na damlai hinkhua adingin manglian pen na hi hi. Zogamah mi thupi leh galhang salpha vaikang dogal pal bang na nang, leh numei hangsan galmai-ah duallo in sulphate tawh zolei dogal na nawh khawmte pianna thu kong phawksak kik zong kisam lo hi. Hun paisate thaksuaksakin kong gelh ding a phatuamna omlo hi, ba’mcihleh note in hih thutakte na thei khin zo uh hi. Zogamah piangkhia mi thupi numei leh pasal khangsonte a ding a lam hong sialsakte lailungah ngilhlo-in phawk tawntung ding hi hang.


Kong lamet ahih leh nang-leh-nang kimuang in, nang leh na mite a ding in thudik gumh ding in na dinkhiat ding lau vet kei in. Nang a dingin ahoihpen na thei hi. Na muante bek ngaikhia in. Kote in gamdang pan hih a’ihkeh hua hih ding kong cih uh hangin, na mailam a ding khensatna pen nangmah tungah kinga hi. Nang-leh-nang leh simleivai na telsiamzia mah muanin nei in. Sum deihtakna a’ihkeh minliatna, minthanna a’ihkeh noptalna te kizosak ngei kei-in. Na haksate hih in, na thubulphuhte limhtak lenin zui in.


Tua ahih manin, “bang ahi hiam ka thubulphuhte? Bang ahi hiam ka thudeihpente? Bang ahi hiam mailam hunah ka tu-leh-ta te a dingin ka deihsak?” ci-in nang-leh-nang kidong in. Na deihsak pen tulaitak a na tuahte tawh kilamdang ding ahileh, tua kipanin panla in na khenlamdang ding kisam hi. Leitung kikhengna huihte, note hun a kumpi ki-ukhna leh kivaihawmnate, leh apua lam pan a hong nawh te pal bang nang a din ding pen haksa mah kha ding hi, hih bang hinkhua pen nang a hi a, nang a liauliau ahi hi!


Na hinkhua-ah tavai leh panpihbei, khenglamdangna leh lawhcinna zong puakhia zolo hi-in na kingaihsun kha thei ding hi, tua bang hivet lo hi. Kalkhat-khit-kalkhat, na tup-leh-ngimna tangtunna dingin khawllo na semin, tua lam mahah mainawtin na pai lai teng lawhcinna na ngah thei ding hi. Na sual pen abang-abang ahi zongin phamawhlo hi, laipil-laisiam (academic) suah ding, a lawhcing sumbawl, lungsimluah zo scientist a’ikeh laigelhmi, napitakmah in khawllo-in na hanciam nak leh na sunmangte (dreams) na taksuaksak zo ding hi, adiakin hih bang vangsiatnaleh haksatna kawmkalah.


Kote in hong hansuahin, hong enkhia-in leh kong ngaikhia uh hi. Note a ding a hoihpenpen kilamen in leh Zogam mangngilh ngeilo ding kam kong ciam uh hi. Leitung na kheng theihkei leh, na leitung khengin, khatvei thu in kalkhat.


Itna leh lainatna tawh,

Bianca Mang Khan Cing Suantak, London, UK


English Version

Dear All,
An old Chinese curse reads, “May you live in interesting times.” You are, indeed, living in interesting times. Interesting times are those when we are forced to look at our lives, to look at our places in the world and to think of our futures.


Leaders try to inspire the youth to follow them, to believe in the things they say. But ultimately, you are the captain of your own lives. There is no need to remind you of the great people that stem from Zoland, the fearless warriors who dared to stand up against the British, the women who did not crouch in the face of fear and fought alongside the men. There is no point to repeat the past. You already know all these facts. Remember the great men and women who came from Zoland before you, the ones that have paved the way for you.


What I hope that you do is to trust yourselves, to not be afraid to stand up for what’s right for you own lives and for your community. You know what is best for you. Listen only to those that you trust. While we are standing in other countries telling you to do this or that, it is up to you to decide on your futures. Trust yourselves and your own interpretation of the world. Do not be seduced by money or fame, popularity or the ease of life. Do the hard thing and follow your principles.


So, ask yourselves, “What are my principles? What are my values? What do I want for my children some day?” If it is something different from you are experiencing now, then change it. While it seems hard to stand up against the great winds of the world, the politics of your day and pressures from outside, this life belongs to you and only to you!


You may feel small and helpless, unable to bring change and prosperity to your own lives, but is not so. You can achieve as long as you keep working and moving forward to your goals, step by step. It doesn’t matter what you strive for, to be a great academic, a successful business person, an influential scientist or writer, you can achieve all your dreams as long as you keep striving for them, especially in the face of adversity.


We are all rooting for you, we are watching and listening. We hope the very best for you and have promised to never forget about our Zoland. So, start today. If you cannot change the world, then change your world, one step at a time.

With love and best wishes,
Bianca Mang Khan Cing
London, UK



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