The first Zomi Hip Hop the world has ever sung!

What's Up, Zomi?

Pa. Thang Do Hang

What's up, Bro?

What's up. buddy?

What's up, man?

What's up, ZOMI?

Come on, man.

Let's have a mercy-making,

for today we have the unity on the land of the Rhododendron,

Bouquets of cherry, orchids, we can give you for your kids.

From the land of the Rhododendron, 

Different birds are singing songs,

swwetly in the forest along,

on the land of the Rhododendron.

Zomite kithttuak thei lo, 

amau' mawhna hi lo,

a pi' pat, 

a no' pat, 

ei mau' pat, 

Sakhi a pi san, ano san,

Aisa a pi phei pai, a no phei pai, 

Gal lianpi khat a neih loh man hi zaw,

Gal lianpi khat nei leh ong kithutuak na ve,

 Aakno ciauliau kaw pai ding? Nu' phu la ding Pa' phu la ding, sangak' dai tuan paai ding,

(Hah cih ciaih! a takpi lah ka sa-a!) Ci dih oh! Come on.

Tu laitak a neih uh gal in, ZAWN'NA GAL.

Pawlkhat in sushi tawh do, (Do)

Pawlkhat in pulpit pan do, (Do)

Pawlkhat in khamtheih tawh do, (Do)

Pawlkat in guihtheih tawh zo, (Zo)

Khuado-a do, (Do)

Gal doo-a do, (Do)

Zin do-a do, (Do)

Ton' zo-a zo, (Zo).

Khuado lah do.

Gal do lah do,

Zin do lah do,

Do lah do,

Zu nu wat nam se! Come on! Cih doih o, Ci lai dih o!

A gam leh a dikkna a zong uh-a, Zogam leh Zo lei a nusia ve vua leh,

Zogam leh Zo lei a it uh-a, A mi leh a nam a it kei ve vua leh, 

A mi le a nam a it uh-a,  A khua leh a tui a it kei ve vua leh,

A khua leh a tui a it uh-a,  A beh  leh a phung a it kei ve vua leh,

A beh leh a phung a it uh-a,  A innkuan pihte a it kei ve vua leh,

A innkuan pihte a it uh-a, a ma' pumpi a it bang in a lawmte a it kei ve vua leh,

Zu nu wat nam se? zu nu watna min? (ya ya ya, come on,  ci dih o)

Nang ' cih, kei'n ci lo.

Kei' cih, nang 'n ci lo, 

Nang' cih, kei 'n ka cih ke'h,

Kei cih, nang'n na cih ke'h, 

(Khawk ngeel ve)

Kei cih, Nang'n na cih ke'h,

Nang' cih, kei'n ka cih ke'h

(Khawk ngeel ve)

Na cih, ka cih ke'h,

Ka cih, na cih ke'h,

(Khawk ngeel ve)

Come on, Zomi (Khawk ngeel ve)

What's up, ZOMI? (Khawk ngeel ve)

Wat sap, wat sap?

Phuak/sa by Hangpi, Go, Mungpi, Gen Sing

Miami, Florida (USA)

Oct 22, 2004 FZI Khuado Pawi.



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