Matupi aom Medical Doctor khat sum neksialua ahih manin aza kia

Matupi khua ah Township Health Officer asem ahi Dr. Zaw Thein Kyaw pen tukha kipatlam in cina te tungpan sum neksialua ahih manin aza kia cihi. Tua hi a, Matupi Township panin Mindat District Hospital ah aza ngiamzaw in ki semsak hi.

State Health Department pan pawlkhat te genna ah Mindat ah ki tuahsak a, ama za (Post) dingpen bang cih ki theinailo cihi.

Doctor takpibuang cina te tungah itna leh deihsakna neilo, sum neksia sawnsawn ahih manin hibang Doctor te Zogam ah aomsang in omkei leh mipi te aci ana zongin alungsim uh cidamzaw khading hi.

Matupi medical doctor demoted for corruption 23 July 2014 – Dr. Zaw Thein Kyaw, the Township Health Officer, was early this month demoted for extorting thousands of money from patients.
The Burmese medical doctor was moved from the TMO rank in Matupi Township, Chin State to a lower position in the Mindat District Hospital.

A source close to the State Health Department said that he had recently been transferred to Mindat after the demotion and that information about his new post couldn’t yet be confirmed.

When asked about the possibility that his corrupt behaviour will continue in the new Chin town, a health staff member in Hakha said: “The idea is that he will now be working under the supervision of his senior. And he is no longer the boss at his work.”

Dr. Zaw Thein Kyaw had been accused of forcibly demanding money from parents for issuing birth certificates and of ill-treating patients before the official relegation.

Late last month, protests organized in Matupi Township by a group of women urged the authority to take proper action, saying: “We don’t want a corrupt doctor.” Source: CG



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