Zomi Innkuan USA (ZIUSA) khawmpi 2014 ah zinmang khat a kisam ahi Zogam lasiam Esther Cingsan (Zogam Lapi) pen ZIUSA khawmpi man khit akipan USA gam sung Zomite omna State tuamtuam ah pai kawikawi in, Zomipihte in zong itna le pahtakna tawh muak ciat uh cih kiza hi. Tua banah Florida Zomi Innkuan te tawh August 14,2014 (Thursday) ni-in Hollywood Rotary Club Hall ah lasakna (Concert) lianpi khat nasiatak nei uh a, Florida sung a om Tumging (Music) siam, lasa siam Zomi Idol Mungpi, Zomi Idol Gloria Nuam boih, Asodaw John Thangpi, Asodaw Sawm Tawng, Asodaw Sian tawng, Naupang lasiam Asodaw Vaanpi leh ASodaw Mangpi te tawh kithuah in zai ziahziah uh ci hi.

Esther Cingsan pen ZIUSA khawmpi sungah pahtaakna le itna tawh sum le paii akipiak banah Florida Zomi Innkuan (FZI)te in August 14,2014 , Concert hunpi sungah " Zogam lasiam Kumpi nu ( Queen of Zomi Singer Award) pahtawina thupitak pia uh cih Sia H. Thang Do Hang tungtawn in kizasawn ahih manin, Tongsan Media Group pan Lungdampihna i puak hi. Hih bangin Zomi sungah Pasian hong zatsak Numei lasa siam minthang masa khat Pahtawina a pia Florida Zomi Innkuan makaite zong zahtakna le pahtakna i pia lai hi. Esther Cingsan pen Zomi lapi panin Zomi Kumpinu lasiam (Queen of Zomi Singer) hong suakto ta ahih manin, khansawt damin Topan hong zatsak semsem lai hen.

Ref: Sia H. Hangpi (Florida, USA)

Posted: Tongsan Tanute



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