Zominam te Khang zui in kumciin khuado ni bul phut in ZDF ki pawl na pan Japan kumpi te tung lai khak.

An expression of the bereavement along with Japan         government, Japanese and Zomi people.

 S/no - ZDF/27/ 2014

Date – 10-10-2014


       An expression of bereavement and gratitude on the day of KHUADO Festival

During the Second World War from 1943 to 1945, we the Zomi people living in Zomi areas (boarder between India and Myanmar) northern part of Chin State, Myanmar. Namely: Tedim, Tozang, and Cikha districts Zomi areas. We shared the effects of the Second World War with the Japan soldiers. We felt starvation together; we felt the warm and cold together with Japan soldiers. We, Zomi people and Japanese shared the same feelings. Not only that, some of our fathers served as levies to the Japan government and they fought together. As a result, many of our fathers died during the war along with Japan soldiers. Thus, we, on behalf of all the Zomi people and the bereaved Japanese, Zomi Development Foundation (ZDF) would like to express the sad feeling of the bereavement.

            On the other hand, after seventy (70) long years in Zomi areas: Tedim, Tonzang, and Cikha districts, we, the Zomi Development Foundation (ZDF) and Japan government working together on the project of researching the Japan soldiers’ camps, army’s clinic, remains, and the arms of Japan army in Zomi areas for seven (7) months from April -2014 to October- 2014. We are grateful to say that the successful completion of searching the Japan soldiers’ remains and have found many of them.


                                                    Central Executive ZDF (1)

       Moreover, we are so grateful to work together with Japan government on the other side of war after seventy (70) long years. We envisage the future development in every aspect of our lives for working together with the Japan government. As we have had brotherly and sisterly love and shared the same feelings of the outcome of the Second World War. Therefore, it is an expression of our gratitude and warm welcome, on behalf of all the Zomi people, Zomi Development Foundation (ZDF) expresses our heartfelt thanks to all the allotted persons and those who are willing to engage for the betterment and development of our Zomi areas. We express our heartfelt attitude on the day of, one of the most important festival of Zomi people “KHUADOPAWI” khuado festival. We are looking forward to the Japan government and Zomi Development Foundation (ZDF) to work together cooperatively for the development of Zomi people in Zomi areas.

3- Objectives:

  1. The friendliness and togetherness’ spirit be endless between Zomi people and Japan government.
  2. The healthy and heartily relationship between Zomi people and Japan government becomes more mature in the days to come.
  3. To be protest the barriers and hindrance between the smooth relationship between Zomi people and Japan government.


Zomi Development Foundation (ZDF)

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Chin State, Myanmar.

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