A zahtak huai Zomi nulepa akua mapeuh,


Mandalay - October 17

Zomi Siamsin Kipawlna -- Mandalay (2011-2013) te ngimna le Zolai kum
100 cin muakna in Mandalay Zomi Baptist Church (MZBC) huang sungah
laibusaal khat lamzo ding cih thu hi aa ahang tuamtuam te hangin MZBC
biakinn huang ah kilam lo kik ding hi. Tua ahihman in Zogam sung khua
khat peuhpeuh ah lam ding in hioh kisa hi. Tua hi aa ih khua aading laibusaal
khat alunggulh le alunglut khua te in November 29,2014 ni anunung pen in
hih anuai aa mun te ah proposal (siauhna laipi) nong puak nading un
zahtakna lianpi tawh kong zasak uhi.

Tua proposal pen anuai aa thute tawh akituak ding hi:-
1. Amin ding pen koikoi ah akilam zong le ahun sim in "Cope topa
Laibusaal" kici paisuak ding hi.
2. Sangpi (ahk) aniampen Zolai sang omna khua hi hamtang ding
3. Laibusaal akem ding le vaipuak lading kipawlna om hamtang ding
5. Athu khempeuh hausa, upa, mipi theihpih hi ding
6. Siauhna laipi tungah khua/veng hausa thukimna letmat om ding

Kizop nading munte:-
1. Dr. Tg Sian Nun Siam (09444015774) email: siamboy.mdy@gmail.com
2. Dr. Tg Nang Khan Lian (09 423749000) email:
3. Sia Tg Peter En Lam Suum (09256177172) email: nicesumpi@gmail.com
4. Dr. Tg Thang Sian Sing (09256430420) email: sing.myn@gmail.com

Upna, Lametna, Itnatawh
ZSK - MDY (2012-2013) tangin
Sia Tg Peter En Lam Suum,
Dr. Tg Nang Khan Lian,
Dr. Tg Sian Nun Siam,
Dr. Tg Thang Sian Sing

(P.S. A thu akicing in theihnop leh contact person te kiangah kidong thei hi.)



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