ZYA le ZOFA lunggulh tualpi le hall vai

ZYA & ZOFA in ih lunggulh mahmah ahi leitang tualpi le hall Kalaymyo ah neih zaw nading in Fund zonna nasia tak in bawl ding kigel khia hi.
1. Ticket 1-Ks 5000/-
2. Special prize- leitang 60'*80'
3. First prize- gold pek 3 khai khi
4. Second prize- Click Thai Cycle
5. Third prize- iPhone 6 + 64GB
6. Adang prize te
-IPad mini
-Samsung flat TV
-125 Kenbo cycle
-super cub jaling cycle
-Yamaha keyboard 
-hollow guitar
-laptop computer
-Samsung galaxy S-5
-Vedio Camera
Opening Date- 17-1-2016(Sunday) Kalaymyo.
#ZYA omna khuakhem peuh ah hong zuaksak ding in huh na hong kingen hi.
#Zomi te omna Gamdang khempeuh ah zong hong zuaksak ding in huhna hong kingen hi.
#Sub-Committee zong kiseh a anuai a teng hi.
Pa Kam Suan Mung(Secy-ZYA) 
Pa Khan Za Nang(Pre.-ZYA)
Pa Vungh Za Khup(Sumkeem-ZYA)
Sia Kham Do Dal(Secy-ZOFA)
Pa Vial Khan Do(Pre.-ZOFA)
Sia Do Khan Khup(CEO-CUFC)
Pa En Khan Go(Pinlong Hausa) 

Hih ticket zuak ding agent tampi kisam ding ih hih manin Minam itna tawh hong buai pih nuam ih om leh kilungdam mahmah ding a na email, phone No. te hong khak un. Gam le minam ading nasep khop ding lung gulh na lianpi tawh.
Kam Suan Mung
Phone:- 09400311770



04/24/2017 06:39

This is the invitation about the opening of a hall so those are live in this area they must go and see the something new in their area. This opening are very amazing and good so those wants to go they register their name and get the invitation for the enjoyment.


Your offer is really interesting because everyone want to get iPhone because of its popularity and quality. But nowadays there are many people whom don't have money even for foods, how can we buy expensive phones in this situation because they need our help.


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