Central ZOMUS pan thutaangkona
Global Zomi Idol tawh kisai in Europe gamsung  Idol kidemna ( Norway, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, leh United Kingdom)  December 20-21, 2014 (Saturday & Sunday) ni ciangin Lillehammer Baptist Church, Norway ah  kibawl ta ding hi.

Europe Center pan in makaite anuai a bang hi.

1. Tg JK Pau Khan Kam-   Norway-    Convener

2. Tg Langh Muan Mung-    Norway-    member

3. Tg Khai Suan Khup-       Germany-  member

4. Tg Hau Kim-                  Germany-   member

5. Tg Suanno-                   Germany-    member

6. Tg NaLian-                    Denmark-    member

7. Tg Thawngkok-              Denmark-    member

8. Pa Langh Kham-           Denmark-     member

9. Pa Sangpi-                   Sweden-       member

10.Tg Tuangpu-                 Sweden-     member

11. Tg Mungpi-                  Sweden-      member

12. Pa Dong Khan Mang-    UK-          member

13. Pa Suan Tawng-            UK-          member

14. Lia Dim Khawm Huai-    UK-           member

Thungetna tawh panpih ni ei. ih hih theihna tek tawh tha pia ni.



01/28/2017 01:11

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