Tedim khuapi ah Missionary nunung pen Rev. Franklin Oliver Nelson hong tun zawh kum 75 cinna pawipi khat CMBC Pawlpi in kham uh a, tua pawi zo dingin Nelson tu le tate mi 4 Tedim khuapi hong hawh uh hi.

Sezang khuakhungah CMBC Pawlpi makai-in Tedim khuazangbup in kidawn a, cycle za kim leh mawtaw 7 tawh mipi 300 kim in vai kidawn hi. Mipi in CMBC Gate ah khatvei kidawn kik a, zo la sakna, zo la sakna tawh kidawn hi. Tua khit ciangin CMBC in Nelson topa phawk nadingin alam uh REV. FRANKLIN OLIVER NELSON INN honna kineisuak a, December 7, 2014 ciangin Khuapi sung Pastor-te leh CMBC Pawlpi bup in ankuang umkhopna kinei ding hi.

Nelson topa’ hong ciahsan zawh kum 75 sungin lungdamna thu in nuntak khawsak zia tampi hong bawl hoih ahih lam hong phawksak a, tampi mah ki-etphat huai a omzia hong ngaihsun sak hi, ci-in Tedim papite in gen uh hi.

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