Tedim Thuthak 

Kawlpi pan PLANET SHAKERS te hong paito a Tedim hong tungta hi.
WELCOME GATE pan Yinkyimuhte, in Zolam tawh dawntuahin Sia Kai Cin
Mang in Hanla sa in Tha lawngkhat kap a, Na sia sa mahmah uh
CMBC pan leh Khuasung pan Nungak te in Zodial khatek pia a, lungdam mahmah uh
BBC sang naupang te in Planet Shakers TShirt sil zihziah in dawm a,
lungdam mahmah uh
Rev. Nang Lian Kap Sang ah zin tung uh a, tuni tak CCJ Hall ah lasakna
leh Healing service kinei ding hi.
Kawlpi pan Rev. Go Za Nang, Rev. David Khen leh khanngote 20 in hogn zui to uh
Sound system pen Tahan ZAWLBUK a kici sanggam Mizo te a kikawm a,
zankhat Teng sawm ci

Friday teh Sangmang Neson tanu te hong tung leuleu ding
Na siatakin kidawm leuleu ding
Saimual pan Thau tawh, zolaam tawh kidawn ding
CMBC biakinn pipan Haleluijah lapi tawh kidaw ding

Thungetna tawh phawk ciat niei

Thuam Khan Thang



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