Ai zawl ah innkuan khat ki that

Tu ni 9.1.2015,Nitak nai 8:00pm kimin Aizawl republic veng Pa.Sang Lian Siama Spring Field Higher School building neite a inkuan un tv a et laitak un mi gilo te lut in sum ngen uh aa,inn sung aa om Inn neite mihing 4 lak pan 3 that lum in ,1 pen naupang khat a hih man in that lum lo san uh hi....

Hih mi gilo te sung pan 1 pa pen Republic veng Pu. Para bazaar a sasat pa tapa hi ci-in ki gen aa, a dang te a hih leh a kua mi kua sa hiam cih ki thei nai lo hi.

TZN: By.World Zomi News


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