Kawlgam pa US sangkahte sungtum pusuah awl mahmah ta

Leitungah Pilsinna lamsangpen US gamsung ki utpen hi ahangin Kumpi hoihin Pilna adingin sum akicing in nei ahihman ahi hi. Sum kicing ahihman in professor hoihte cialzo ahihman un Leitung sanghoih topten te US ah tampen hi.

US student visa ngahna dingpen requirement tam ahihmanin ngahnading baih hehlo hi, a requirement khempeuh akimphialzongin abeisa kumte ah visa ngahzolo tampi tak om hi.

Kawlgam leh US kizawpna taangzaito semsem ahihman in tunung deuh akipan policy thakkhat hongom a, tua in Kawlgam pan in US student visa tawh a omte in asangkah na kilaihlo in I-20 valid ahihnak leh Visa interview weaver (interview kullo) in visa hong pia theita uh hi. 

Nungkum kaciah a, tukum zongciah in tukum in ka innkuan ading visa ka apply a' na sang akibat a, na I-20 a valid lainak leh interview kullo ding hi cih consular nu in phone hong set hi. Nidang bangnawn lo in Kawlgam pan US ah pilsinna pen (Leitung lam leh Pasian thulam)  hong nuam to zaw cih hi. Tulaitak USA ah Kawlgam pan sangkah a om aciah nuam a visa vai lunghi mawh khawng ih om leh, lunghimawh huainawn lo hi a website vuah  pai le cin interview weaver na enle cin kimtak in honglak ding hi.

Deihsak natawh




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