Tedim khuami Pa Go Suan Khai, Administrative Director ah zakhang hi.
Tusa in Township pen Vuandok in Uk hi.
Tu Democracy hun ciangin AD ci-in Administrative Director in uk hi.
AD pen Vuandok tung a ahi hi.
Pa Go Suan Khai
  1. A zi min. Sm Lun Lam Vung, MA
  2. A Behmin: Sukte
  3. A U: Pa Hang Cin Hau
  4. A pawlpi: Bethel AG Church
  5. A Siapa: Rev. Khai Khan Suan
  6. A tate: Numei li, pasal khat
  7. A sep na dingmun: Homalin Township Office

January 4 nipi ni in, BAG pawlpi mi khempeuh Niangtui leh Tedim moh
limpen tawh vaak hi.
January 5 Monday ni-in, BAG palwpi in Lungdampihna an neekpih hi.
January ni 8 ni-in Pai sawm ta hi.

Dimtui vangkhua



08/01/2015 06:10

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