Chin State Tan 8 Laihuan Buaina Piang. February 21/2015

Kawlgam,Chin gamkee sungah Tan 8 te English Sub(Mikang)lai ahuan nidinguh leh February 20 Chin National Day kituak ahihmanin, Feb 21 ni mikang lai huanna bawldingin ahun sotto uhhi.

Hih 21 ni mikanglai huanding ani a sottohuh Paletwah gamsunga te'n natheikhalo uh ahihman un,Feb 20 ni in laihuan nabawl uhhi.Feb 20 ni Paletwah te'n lai nahuan khinuh ahihmanin,Feb 21 ni lai huanna abawl te'n dotna(Questions Paper) theikhin uh cih mawhsakna tawh a laihuansa uh kisansaklo in,Tan 8 mikanglai dotna(Questions) thak bawlkikding cih Chin gamkee thunei te'n thukhensatna nei uhhi.


By.World Zomi News


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