Chin State,College Sanginn Lamnading Leh Vanlengtual Bawlna Ah Sumzatzahding Hongkisehsakkhinta.

February 16/2015

Tulaitakin Pyithuangsuh Luatdaw pan in Sum Tan3251 tawh Hakha khuapi ah College Sangiin lam na ding leh Sum Tan100 tawh Falam Vanlengtual bawlna a zat ding in Kumpi te in Sum hong sehsakkhin ta uh hi cih thu Chin World News te in tangkona nei uh hi.

2014 kum beikuan lam in Chin State ukpi te in hongtungding 2015-2016 kum sung in Hakha ah College sanginn lam ding in akhentatsa uh hi a,tua tawh kizui in tu in Hakha ah laisim na ding Sanginn that 3,Sia/mah mihing 20 a om theih na ding Taihinn that 2,Sang siapipa om nadingin dei 4 apha Taihinn that 2,kumpi nasem te om nading in dei 6 apha inn 1 leh Sangnaupang te om na ding in Taihinn that 2 cih teng akilam ding a hi hi.

Kawlgambup District leh State a om teng lak ah College sang leh Vanlengtual a nei nai lo pen Chin State bek om lai hi.

By.World Zomi News




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