Ih ngak lah gun gal Tuithang lammawtaw lam kek ding Kazaitha company te 7.2 2015 ni setlei to pawlkhat tawh gunpi kantan in tuithang gunlei bulpan hongki panta hi.set pi 8 bang zang in march tha bei ma zawh sawm uh hi.kum pi lam ေက်းလက္ ေဒသ ဖြံ႕ၿဖိုး ေရး lampan huh na hi aa Lalta dong to suak ding uhhi.tua lam tawh man sum pen tengh1600 kim hi.
kum pi lam pan Tuithang.tungzang a zat ding 6.2.2015 ni in meiphelh mawtaw pi athak khat hongpia a tu in tuithang khua tungtahi.

Ciankhaizi party te vaihawm na tawh Tedim ah tedim gam bawlong pawi Zone pi 7 in khen in 9.2.2015.ni ki suita ding hi.uniform leh an nek.let song abei teng party makai ten si ding hi.
lai at.thang za lian.tungzang hausa.



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