Zomi te mainawt pih ding lampi 21 te

1. Anungta Pasian tawh ikizopna tatsak ngeilo ding.
2. Lungdam hun ah lungdamkoh dan siam ding.
3. Heh hun ah hehdan siam ding.
4. Khasiat hun ah khasiat dan siam ding.
5. Makai te panpih dan siam ding.

6. Mipi te makaih dan siam ding.
7. Mimal hehna minam bup hehna suak saklo ding.
8. Thu man leh thuhoih ah ding den ding.
9. Khat leh khat kitel siam ding.
10. Ei a lopeuh langpan lo ding .

11. Midangte pahtawi siam ding.
12. Mawhmai sak zawhna nei ding.
13. Agualzo te lungdampih thei ding.
14. Acihmawh te thuakpih leh panpih siam ding.
15. Sum leh paai bek sangin vangneihna thupi ngaihsut zaw ding.

16. Mi tampi kipawl in nahoih sep khop ding hanciam ding.
17. Kuam lungsim leh venglungsim te thupi sak lua lo ding.
18. Ei dinmun tel masa in midang te dinmun lungngai ding.
19. Mailam saupi adingin vision leh geelna nei ding.
20. Lawhcinna ingah leh midang te pia siam in, lawhsapna ingah leh ei kipia siam ding.
21. Nasep kituh in panmun kikhiat thei ding.

Topan Zomi khempeuh a thupha tawh ong phung vuh tahen.

Sia Pau Khai
Zosiam Gospel Ministry



04/15/2016 08:41

I though most of the pastors did their broadcast in English. Please can you do this broadcast also in English. I feel Asian pastors are more genuine. I will visit this site again.


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