Sihvui na Nopci tak in bawlzo

Sihdan a tuamtuam om aa, Si cihzong a tuamtuam om zel hi. Mihing
ganhing singkung lopa a ki pan sihna tuamtuam om hi. Si sak, tua a Si
te nopci tak in vuibawl cihthu tawh thala khawm dihdih ni.

Khatvei Sanginn khat ah Sang siapa khat in lai hilhhilh hi. Tua sungah
sangnaupangte khat a lawmte maitaita leh a maitai nuamlo sangnaupang
khat om hi. Siapa zong a lung nuam hetlo ahih manin ka laihilh a
mawkna suak ngel in teh ci-in a laihilh mi kimin a ciamteh theihna
dingin Thu khat hong ngaihsun hi. Siapa in sangnaupang pa mun khat ah
samin na maitai hetloh bang lungkim lohna nei na hiam? Kong sepsak
theih ding bang om hiam?cih a dot hangin gennuam vetlo hi.

Siapa in a lawmte' tutna ah kha kik hi. Sangnaupangte  kiangah Siapa
in laidal neuno khat ciat hawm hi. A hawm khitteh Siapa in
sangnaupangte aw na vekpi un hihlai kong piakna sungah a beisa hun
sung khempeuh a na lungkimlohna,  na hehna, na dahna khempeuh hong
gelh unla kuamah ki etsak theilo ding aman masasa in hong pia un cihi.

Sangnaupang ten zong a dahna, a nu leh pa in Moh(sangh) leina ding a
piakloh, a lungkimlohna, a hehna..cihbang ciat gelh ngeingai uh aa, a
vekpi un a gelhzawh teh Siapa hong ap uhhi.

Siapa in a ki gelh khempeuh a ngahteh a vekpi un samin Sanginn pualam
ah paipih hi. Mun khat ah Siapa in leito kuak hi. Tua zawhteh
Sangnaupangte laigelh khempeuh tua lai ah Sangnaupangte muh in vuibawl
hi. Siapia in sangnaupangte kiangah na dahna, na hehna, na
lungkimlohna te uh tu-in lei ah i vui khinta hi ci-in meitawh haltum

Tua zawhteh tawmvei ki mawlpih in lai hilhna mun ah laihilh ki pan kik
hi. Sangnaupangten a laihilhte ciamteh in a dahmel omlo in. Lungnuam
tawldam tak in a inn dongah sangnaupangte ciah kim uhhi ci hi.

Sangnaupangten nopci tak in Sihvui na a bawl uh bangin akua mapeuh in
amaute etteh in i dahna i lungkhamna cihte a ki pan puapualo in Zeisu
khephung ah Vuibawl ni cihtawh Thala khawm ni. Lungdam.

Thawn Tuang
Nashville TN USA
Oct 16,2015
Ka laigelhte pawl khat>>www.zomi-angvaan.blogspot.com


04/21/2016 06:53

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