PU KAM ZA KHAI (kum 70)

Dated: 15 October 2015


Singapore a om Pa Khup Lian Thang, ZIS Thuvanpihuh, leh Kalay a om Pa Lian Khan Tuang, ZIS Sia masate panpihna Kalay pailai, te pianna pa a hi Pu Kam Za Khai (kum 70) in 14 October 2015, zingsang tung in Tedim pan in hong nusia a hih man in Zomi Innkuan (Singapore) in Khup, Lian Tuang leh a nusiat innkuanpih te tawh a kibang in i dah khawm hi.

Pa Kam Khai in hong nusiat laitak in Cope Memorial Baptist Church ah Secretary panmun a lak laitak hi in maban tampi a sepsa a om ban ah sep ding tampi a nei khat a hihi. A 2 Veina Zosuan Tuailai Khawmpi ah pawlpi makai khat a hihna tawh a hih theih zah in thu leh la hong vaihawm sak hi. Ama hong nusiatna in a innkuan sung bek hi lo in pawlpi leh minam a ding in supna lianpi a hihi.  

Lian Tuang, Khup leh innkuanpih khempeuh te tung ah i biak Pasian kiang pan hong pai hehnepna kicing hong tung tahen. Amen.

Dr. Hau Za Cin Suante
Pa Khup Khawm Mung



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