England gam khuapi London Olympic Games 2012 ah India gam tangin numei kitupna (flyweight -51 Kg. Category) kidemna ah akihel Manipur State pan Zomi numei Nu MC Mary Kom leh India minam Mr.Laishram Devendro Singh te in August 7 ni ciangciang Gold Medal ngah theihna ding dinmun tungto khawm uh hi. Nu Mary Kom in Aug 7,2012 ni-in Semi-final kahto ta a, Aug 8, 2012 ni (6.15 PM)hunin Great Britain mi Nicola Adams tawh boxing kitum ding uh a, Mary Kom in azawh leh final kah ding hi. Olympic Games,2012 ah India mi numei lak pan Gold Medal la masapen hihna (Chance)nei masa pen suak hi.

Tua banah Light Flyweight (49 kg category) kitupna zongah Manipur mi mah Laishram Devendro Singh in quarter-final ah Ireland mi Paddy Barnes tawh kitum ding hi. Huai match ah Devendro Singh in azawh le Semi-final lut ding ahih manin Manipur State pan Boxer mi 2 te India gam mintawi sang ding uh hi. Bollywood filmstar Amitabh Bachchan in Mary Kom tawh kisai amuhna Facebook tungtawn in a gelhna ah,“Mary Kom, wins her boxing bout, insured a bronze ! What a story! A mother of two from Assam,creates moment of pride for India” ci-in gelh a, Assam State pan ahihloh lam a theih kik ciangin, “Mary Kom is from Manipur, not Assam” ci’n bawlpha kik hi.

Shahid Kapoor in zong a gelhna ah, “Bust them up Marycom…you are million dollar baby” ci-in gelh a anung lamah bawl pha kik leuleu hi. Tua banah India gam sung mun tuamtuam pan mi tampite in India gam aitang in Nu Mary Kom in London Olympic 2012 ah gualzawhna a ngah ding deihsakna thuhoih tampi khak ciat uh hi. Hih bang a India gambup aitang a Zomi/ Zosuan khatin Olympic ah tuni ciangciang manawtna angah manin Tongsan Media Group in zong lungdampihna i pulak hi. Nu Mary Kom in a tawp dong hong manawt suak hen la, Kham (Gold Medel ) hong ngahna ding thungetpih ciat ni.



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