India mun tuamtuam applicants tampi lakpan Fulbright National Selection Committee in New Delhi ah candidates shortlist a bawl teng uh 4 November 2011 in interview uh a, Dr H. Kham Khan Suan pen Fulbright-Nehru Postdoctoral Fellowship, 2012-13 ngah ding a ‘principal candidate’ khat in ana recommend uh pen, tu’n ngah takpi ta hi.

Fulbright-Nehru Postdoctoral Fellowship pen 2011-12 pan in kipan hi a, Northeast India panin Dr. Suan pen a ngah masa pen suak ding cihna hi.

Dr Suan in “Asymmetric federalism and the question of democratic justice in Northeast India” cih thulu tawh September 1, 2012 panin 31 August 2013 sung a postdoctoral research hiding a, Professor Brendan O’Leary, Lauder Professor, Department of Political Science, University of Pennsylvania a mentor hi ding hi.

Application a khiat ma in Professor Brendan O’Leary leh Professor Sumit Ganguly, Indiana University, Bloomington te tungpanin invitation ngah a, Professor Bredan O’Leary a mentor ding in a tel ahi hi.

UPenn (University of Pennsylvania) pen Ivy League kici university minthang mahmah giat (8) te lak-a khat ahihi. US gam ah UPenn bek in Center for the Advance Study of India nei uh a, tua pen Dr Suan deihna mahmah khat ahihi.

May 12-15 ciang Hyderabad ah Pre-Departure Orientation zong nei ding hi. Hih scholarship tawh kum khat sung a innkuan un, UPenn ah va om ding uh hi.

Hih scholarship pen India ah region tuamtuam pan kiteel a, Dr Suan pen North India pan a kiteel hi sawnsawn hi. Kalagam-Vaigam sung kitaitehna pan Northeast khat in ngah cihna zong ahihi.

Leitung mi thupi leh minthang tampite Fulbright scholar tampi om hi. Zomi Fulbright scholar zong kitam nai hetlo ding ahihmanin Dr Suan I lungdampih mahmah hi. Source: Vaphual.net



Many dr are visit for get more education and many expert gives the plans. Mostly government giving the scholarship for medical students because medical education is very costly. But this profession has many benefit for peoples.


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