Columbia gampan sumkuang naupangno
(TZN) - ZomiDaily :: Columbia gampan naupangno khat anungzang ah sumkuang bangpian in ahawng (Shell) khatin tuamcip ahih manin akhanzahding khantheilo hi. Tua naupangno pen pasal hi a, Didier Montalvo minnei khat hi in, kum 6 phakhinta hi.

Didier Montalvo ii natna pen Columbia gampan abawl theiding omlo a, ahi zongin kamphatna tawh British Surgeon khatin Operation bawlsak ahih manin mihing ngeina mahbang in nungta theiding cihi. Anu leh apa te'n Operation bawlnading zong neilo ahih manin hicibang in aomcip laitak British Plastic Surgeon Neil Bulstrode in zakha ahih manin, amawkna in bawlsak cihi. Tua natna pen "Congenital Melanocytic Nevus" nam hi ci'n Dr. Neil Bulstrode in genkhia hi.

Anu apa te'n dawivei hiding hi acihkhit uh ahi tua naupang pen tu'n zatuisiam siavuanpa khutma hangin mikhing ngeina mahbang in a nungta theiding hita hi. Leitung ah mipil misiam leh sumhau te'n lungsimhoih ong neisemsem tahen! ZomiDaily



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