Peaceful Protest Against Ethnic Cleansing Policy of Burmese Government
Media Release: Asia Pacific Zomi Protest Committee Australian Zomi, Malaysia Zomi & Thailand Zomi 21 May 2012
Subject: Peaceful Protest Against Ethnic Cleansing Policy of the Current Government of Burma

Venues: Embassy of the Union of Myanmar 22 Arkana Street Yarralumla ACT 2600, Australia 8 Jalan Ampang Hilir, 55000 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 132 Sathon Nuea Rd, Sathorn, Bangkok 10120, Thailand
When: 28 May 2012

We, Zomi, are protesting against the ethic cleansing policy of the current Burmese Government who announces “no Zomi in Burma”. We publicly condemn this announcement by evidencing and witnessing that “Zomi is a recognized ethnic group of Chin State in Burma”.

The peaceful protest will be held on 28 May 2012. Even before the World Wars our ancestors called themselves “Zomi”. They composed love songs, patriotic songs, heroic songs, and victorious songs with the word “Zomi”. Zomi has her own language, culture, custom, traditional celebrations and religious practice those are totally different from others.

When the British divided our land and gave to Burma and India in 1947, the Burmese government named our Zogam (Zoland) “Chin Hills” and “Chin” means “basket carriers” in Burmese word. In order to reproof our “true identity”, the Zomi Baptist Convention was publicly established in 1962 and the Zomi National Congress (a political party) was publicly formed in 1989 under the Election Rules and Regulations.

We, therefore, condemn the current Burmese Government’s announcement on the “Burmese Ethnicity” by means of the following critical facts: 1. In the lawful and well-known event of “the 1990 landslide for Daw Aung San Suu Kyi,” leader of the National League for Democracy (NLD), the Zomi National Congress (ZNC) party won in two constituencies in Chin State; Pu Cin Sian Thang won in No. 1 Tedim Constituency and Pu Thang Lian Pau won in Tonzang Constituency.

Thus, the current Burmese Government’s announcement on the “Burmese Ethnicity” excludes not only ethnical rights but also its existence and it is a serious racial discrimination. 2. As the chairman of the ZNC, Pu Cin Sian Thang is also a selected Chairman of “the Committee Representing People’s Parliament” which stands as a supporter of the NLD for over 20 years. Thus, the NLD itself is a witness for the statement “Zomi is one ethnic groups of Burma”. 3. Religious concept is even more critical.

The Zomi Baptist Convention (ZBC) is founded in 1953 under the Burma Baptist Convention (BBC), which was a standing member of the World Christian Convention (WCC). The ZBC is aregistered and well-known not only in the Chin State but also through out the country with the essential office facilities. Thus, the current Government’s announcement on the “Ethnicity of Burma” becomes a terrible discrimination against religion. Demand: As the Union of Myanmar is approaching to democratic goals the current Government should promptly announce that every ethnic group has its own rights and freedom.

Respect for every ethnic group must be restored. If the current Government continues excluding ethnical rights and freedom the world has to pay attention to Myanmar Government’s steps and consider whether it’s heading towards democracy or anti-democracy.

T. Zokhai 
On Behalf of Asia Pacific Zomi Committee 
+61 420 800 560 
Australia: zomi.australia@gmail.com or zokhai001@gmail.com 
Malaysia:  zomiassociationmls@gmail.com 
Thailand: zomipaulpau@gmail.com



01/21/2017 02:05

It is much interesting


It is the best way of recording your protest against any policy to follow ethics and conduct peaceful protests instead of spread violence. I hope government will hear your discussion and will join hands with your management as well.


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