Lezaang khua, Zogam ah Tuitha Mei (Hydro Electric) thak kingah ta
Zomi u leh naau a kua maciat: 

Lezaang khua tual suak, Sia Thang Kang Lo (a pa Sia Nang Za Tuang), Education Director, Upper Myanmar Mission of Seventh-day Adventist, in tu maa hun aa Far Eastern Division of Seventh-day Adventist president a hi ngei, Pr. P. D. Chun kiang ah huhna a ngetna tungtawn iin Lezaang khua ah Kawlgam sum Ks. 120,00,000 (tein 120) vaal bei iin a bawl uh Tuitha Mei (Hydro Electric) kingah ta hi.  Pr. Min Lwin, Executive Secretary, Myanmar Union Mission of Seventh-day Adventist, leh Pr. Pum Thian Pau, Education Director, Myanmar Union Mission of Seventh-day Adventist, te Lezaang khua ah vapai uh aa July 19, 2012 ni iin Tuitha Mei hon pawi va bawl thei uh hi.  A meitha bang zah ngah cih peen pulaak lo hi.  Khua khat ading iin a kicing ding meitha ahih ding bel lamen hangh.  Lezaang khua aa SDA pawlpi mi te in sepna bawlna, tha leh ngal teng pia khong uh hi.  Hih tuitha mei hang iin Lezaang khua leh khua sung mi khempeuh in noptuamna leh khantohna a tuamtuam ngah lawh takpi ding uh ahihmanun lungdam pih mahmah hangh.  

Zogam aa ih khua khat sung ah tuitha mei thak khat a kinei thuah hi ta ahihmanin Zomi a kua maciat in lungdampih ding cih lametna tawh Pr. Thawng Sian Mung, Circle Leader, Tedim, in hong zak sak thuthak khat a hong hawm sawn h’ingh.  Hih tuitha mei khan kumsawt henla, Lezaang khua mi, Zo lia leh taang paal, naungek peen te pan khanghaam peen dong iin kum sawt pi sung na zangh thei uh hen.

A lungdampih,


Mungno Gualnam

Riverside, California



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