Hih thu ki lim kum mah mah hang in, Denmark te piak hi ki ci ci ta leh CNF mah a ci tan tan nuam pawl khat om hi. A tel lo maw/a tel nuam lo maw ci bel thei khang.

Kawlpi a innkuan khat Malaysia pan a sanggam te in Pastor te khat tung tawn in sum khak in, tua sum a ngah ciang, a sia pa tung lung dam lua sia pa ci ci in, a ngak pa tung sang bang tung dam zaw ze zen ci... tua tawh ki bang sa ing.

CNF ten zogam hong zun, namdang te hong puah peh ki ci mawng mawng in a thu tel lo te a ding poi mah mah hi. CNF ten computer 1 a ip sung pan it na tak pi tawh hong pia leh zong lungdam huai mah hi. Tua a pen, a mau zong a met bawl khat a nek khit uh ciang a e ngah pen, e ngen dan awng lua deuh sa ing.

Zomi ten zogam pauh lo, nam dang te hong puah peuh ki ci ci nuam. CNF te lampuah na ding a, ten 2 hong piak peuh ki lim gen mah mah. Zomi te zong neih val hi lo, gam leh lei puah na ding a pia nak tam lua hi ven.

US a om Heilei ten Heilei leh Chonghoih ki kal mawtaw lam puah nang kawlgam sung ten 100 val pia kin ding uh hia. Mi khat bang in kum khat sung US 4500.00 pia hi. Minam phawk lo Zomi tampi a om mah tei zong in, sanggam u leh nau a phawk Zomi nak tam mah mah hi.

Sya Dong No ma kaih na tawh Kaptel Mei zong Zomi te na sep na mah hi. Kumpi te huh na hi lo hi.

US/Australia/Singapore/Malaysia hong tung sia te zong nek tang mah a ki pia tek hi. Zogam a ding/ Pasian na sem te a ding / Biak inn lam na ding/ Pasian na sem te a ding a hi zong a ki pia pia mah hi.

Deih lo pi pi, khat vei zong ka et ngei lo a, Fund zon na CD ka lei nak tam lua hi.

Program hoih / Plan hoih na neih uh leh, Fund zong ding in hong khuam le uh cin nek tang mah (pawl khat bang phun phun khawm khawm a hi pial zong in) hong ki pia ding hi.

Report / Update hoih tak hong puak un. Kumpi / Gamdang mi hau te bang in bel tampi hong ki pia kei zong in, meigong nu sumngo piak bang in Pasian gam leh minam a ding nek tang a pia ngam Zomi nak tam mah mah hi.

CNF te ten 2 piak peuh, kumpi te piak agent sep sawn peuh e lim ngen luat sang, Zomi te khat leh khat ki phah tawh thei zaw leng ci a, Email subject laih a kong at hi.

E ngen nop leh, Kawl phonggyi pa Zonuamzang sang puah na ding hong piak khawng (ten 500 val) ngen tak bek.

Denmark Huh na
Denmark huh na Danish Krone 5 Millions (US 900,000)
Agent: CNF
Townzaang te ngah: Computer 30

Kawl kumpi CNF huh na (E theih pih tawm khat) 
- Motor License 50 (est. 1 ciang ten 100 bang man leh) ten 5,000.
- Singhal acre tampi (Paletwa), Ankluai acre 50
- Mawtaw puah na ding CNF ten Zomi te hong hun na ten 2

Lai at,




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