Dr.Chin Do Kham hong nusiat; Dahpihna
Nidang in, Zomi Innkuan (Lincoln, NE) min tawh dahna a hi zong, nopna a hi zong, ka at zo ngei kei uh hi. A hi zong in, tutung Dr. Do Kham hong nusiat-na pen, minam makai khat a hih na, biakna makaipi khat a hih na, sanggam khat a hih na, leh Zomi te pa khat a hih na te hang in, at lo in, ka om thei kei uh hi.
Hun khat lai in, 35th President of the United States, John F. Kennedy in, "My fellow Americans, ask not what your country can do for you -- ask what can you do for your country." ci-in U.S gammi te tung ah thu vai kha ngei hi. Tuni in, Dr.Do Kham ii nuntakna te I et kik tak ciang in, hih John F. Kennedy ii kammal te, a thak in,hong phawk sak kik hi. Aituam lungsimneilo gamleh minam ading  veina tawh akipiazo mahmahhi-a, inn lum leh a zi a ta anglum sung ah zong, om man lo liang in, sihna hong thuak na te hang in, dah lo, na sa lo in, ka om thei kei uh hi. A hi zong in, a nei pa Pasian in, hun sa aa, hong lak sak a hih man in, tua tawh I ki nem hi.
A diakdiak in, a hong nusiat a zi a ta te dahna khuitui, hehnemsiam I Topa'n hong nulsak hen la, hong nem ta hen.
Khai Mang
(Lincoln Zomi Innkuan)


Thanks mate for sharing about the Dr.Chin Do Kham hong nusiat and all the presidential stories. I honestly speaking, adore John F. Kennedy. I was impressed by his leadership skills, an excellent post.

01/14/2017 07:49

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