A beisa, July 9, 2013 ni-a akitangko khia ahi, ZET & NGO Employment Team kivaipuak zia tawh kizui-in, Zomi nasep neilo tampite' adingin phattuam/noptuamna tampi piangkhia ahihna tawh kizui-in, ZET theihpih NGO Employment Team tuamtuamte tawh Zomi akua mapeuh khut kilen-in, masuat theih nadingin, anuai-a Contact number tengtawh nasep kidawp thei hi.

Non Governmental Organization ~ Employment Teams:

Mob: 012-6833862 ( Selangor & Pahang States ~ UN Card )
Mob: 016-7100962 ( State Tuamtuam ~ ZAM Card )
Mob: 012-7803113 ( State Tuamtuam ~ ZAM Card )
Mob: 016-7986476 ( State Tuamtuam ~ ZAM Card )
Mob: 014-2771118 ( State Tuamtuam ~ ZAM Card )

Hotline: 011-1573-1275



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