PictureCanada a Dr. Cin Lam Thang' Ph.D (Animal Science) lakna
Dr.Thang Bawi' Ph.D (Animal Science) a lak lai tak hi. Photo- Hornbill

Mingaladon Zomi Baptist Church ah Pastor a sem Rev. Cin Khen Thang tapa, Dr. Cin Lam Thang(Thangbawi) in November 25,2013(Monday) ni-in leitunga University minthangte' lakah khat ahi, Mcgill University pan in Ph. D hong la thei hi. Amah pen Kawlgam ah zong Ganhing Siavuan a zosa hi a, tuma kum 10 lai-in Canada ah pemin ahun a cin ciang sangkah zom a, tu'n aman ahi hi.

Azi Cherry Niang leh a tanu Ciimpi tawh Ottawa, Canada ah teeng uh hi. A Ph.D buaihlak nipen nipi khuavakni tawh ki tuak ahihman in Ottawa aom Zomipih pawlkhat te sangkah in pawlkhat te nasem ahih manin lametna bangin aki uapzo lo cihding hi.

Ahizong in a uap thei tengtawh mankilak te amu nuam pawl khat te ading in hong khahkhia ing.

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