Nu leh pa, lawm leh gual aw,

Tulsa Khuapi a, MCC pawlpi kem Siapipa, Rev. Dr. Kham Khan Khai pen Florida hongzin in, Hong tungding Sunday, 2014 March 23  (8:00 pm) in, Myanmar Mission Church (Hollywood) ah hun zangding ahih manin nong paitek nadingun Zeisu Khazih min tawh kongzawn uhhi.

Zahtakna lianpi tawh,

Sia Kham Do Thang
Pastor, MMC
Phone (561) 707-8729

Myannmar Mission Church
2762 Lantana Road, Apt. 311
Lantana, Florida 33462
Cell Phone (561) 707- 8729 


08/23/2017 04:01

Thank you very much for the information provided! I was looking for this data for a long time, but I was not able to find the trusted source..


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