May 26, 2014

USA Zomi U leh Nau:

A Thu: Zomi Directory USA – 2014 A Ding Min Sazian Kaihkhopna.

A zahtak huai USA Zomi U leh Nau-te aw, Zomi Innkuan USA Executive Committee in hong hopih ungh. Zomi Innkuan USA Board of Directors thukimpihna tawh Zomi Innkuan USA in “Zomi Directory USA-2014”  bawl ding a hih man in Zomi Innkuan kipawlna khat peuh sunga kihel-lo, USA gam sung-a om  Zomi te in a nuai-a dan tawh kizui-in min sazian nong khak zawh nang un zahtakna lianpi tawh kong ngen uh hi. Zomi Innkuan kipawlna khat peuh sunga kihel Zomi-te sazian na kipawlna uh Zomi Innkuan makai-te in hong kaikhawm ding uh hi.

·        Min

·        Full Address

·        Phone Number

·        Email address


Pa Penglam

Nu Zawlcing

Lia lengtonghoih

123, ABC Street

Tulsa, OK 12345

(123) 456-7890


Puaknang mun:zomidirectoryusa2014@gmail.com

Anunung  pen puak Ni ding (Deadline):    May 31, 2014

Puaknang Lai-dan files (Format):doc. docx, pdf, xl ( Word, PDF, Excel) khat peuhpeuh

(Note: Attachment  tawh kideih hi. Email body sungah at ciangin, hoihtak in ki copy kik  thei lo thei a, a tuamtuam in kikhen thang thei-a lem lo thei hi. )


Zomi Directory USA – 2014 akicing, akician khat a suahzawh nang in akuama peuh in i mapan ciat kim nang in muanna lianpi tawh kong zawn uh hi.

Zomi sungah,

Executive Committee

Zomi Innkuan USA, Inc.


Pa Do Khan Khup

General Secretary

Zomi Innkuan USA, Inc.

N.B: Kipawlna min, mimal min tawh nong puak uh min, address, email leh phone number te, ZIUSA tungah “Zomi Directory USA-2014” sungah khumtheihna, hawmkhiattheihna thuneihna(rights) hong pia cihna in kiciamteh ding hi.


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