Dr Cin Do Kham hong nutsiatlai Dr Bianca Son ii laikhak

Dr. Do Kham in hong nutsiat tungtang in Dr Bianca Son in dahpihna lai akhakpen anuai aa ahihi. Tu'n Dr Bianca Son in hong nusia leuleumawk. Zomi sungah ihmakai, ihmuan ihsuan mahmah tata in hong nusia vatvatmawk uh ahih manin dahmahmah hang. ZD


The Chin Forum deeply mourns the untimely passing of Dr. Cin Do Kham. Our hearts are filled with sorrow and grief. He so loved all of the Zomi with his heart, soul and mind. Dr. Cin Do Kham was righteously indignant about the artificial borders separating us. Despite this separation, he worked tirelessly to foster a shared Zomi future. And he did so with poise, dignity and grace. Dr. Cin Do Kham emphasized close communication, collaboration and love for the Zomi nation around the globe. He was a success. As the General Secretary of the Global Alliance he brought the Zomi together in unity.


Dr. Cin Do Kham was born in the area of Tedim in Northern Chin State of Burma. After a long journey throughout the world, he settled in Tulsa, Oklahoma. But his heart always remained with the Zomi. He was a star for us all!


Although he departed from this earth, he will never truly leave. He will always be alive in our hearts and minds. Dr. Cin Do Kham will never be forgotten today and for many generations of Zomi to come.


The Chin Forum extends its sincere condolences to his wife and children. May our love and appreciation of his work lighten your hearts through this difficult time of your sorrow.


With sincere condolences,
On behalf of the Chin Forum
Mang Khan Cing Suantak/Bianca Son


Dr Bianca Son
Senior Teaching Fellow, Department of History
School for Oriental and African Studies
University of London
Russell Square
London WC1H 0XG
+44 (0) 758-136-5506




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