LZI Kipawlna pan ZIUSA Khawmpi Muakna

Leitungbup Zomi Innkuan Kipawlna
Greetings from LZI

Zomi Khawmpi USA 2014 
Zomi Khawmpi Norway 2014


On behalf of Leitungbup Zomi Innkuan Kipawlna (LZI), I would like to extend my warmest 
greetings to each and every one of you for the upcoming Zomi Khawmpi USA 2014, and Zomi 
Khawmpi Norway 2014. It is my great honor and pleasure to inform you that I am with you all 
in spirit, throughout all the events to be a part of this festivity in encouraging young and old to 
make ourselves available for the great occasions.


We do appreciate those individuals who tirelessly participated in organizing various parts of the 
function of conferences. There will be a melodyfestival where the contestants will compete 
with one another for the Zomi Idol USA 2014. Do yourself a favor and take advantage of these 
plentiful talents. Beauty pageant for Zo Lia USA 2014will focus on physical beauty incorporate 
with personality, intelligence, talent and answers to judges’ questions. Zo Taang USA 2014
contest will be held at the same time.


Millions of football enthusiasts around the globe watch the world cup being played in Rio, 
Brazil daily and wonder which country will take the trophy this year. Soon, we are going to 
witness Zomi Innkuan USA Cup Soccer Tournament live, in which young peoples are going to 
demonstrate their athletic skills and perform in the spirit of sportsmanship, by being fair and 
courteous to all the players of the game, withoutbeing a sore loser or a bad winner so to say 
winning or losing do not count but participation does. These kinds of social events will bring 
harmony among us where we can become closer physically, mentally, socially and spiritually. 
Every one of us who are abroad will have a privilege of watching the football tournament and 
other events online via internet. Thanks to the Zomis computer technicians, your knowledge and 
capability are of great values to the publics.


Zomi Concert USAwill entertain us in the evening, in which the talented vocalists, singers and 
musicians will mesmerize the audience in captivating their minds. Zomi Forumis also 
scheduled to be held to discuss current politicalissues of Zoland and Zo Peoples. The chief 
guess, scholars and leaders are invited to share their thoughts on the above mentioned issues. 
Zomi Siamsin & Youth Forumis another important forum ofthe conference. Zomi Students 
from all fields of concentrations are invited inclusive undergraduate and post graduate students 
from colleges and universities in the USA. All the Zomi youth leaders in every city are also 
invited. We are quiet certain to see the positive outcome of the conferences.


H. Lian Do, Tong Seal 
Vice President – I 
On behalf of Executive Committee 
Leitungbup Zomi Innkuan Kipawlna



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