India Christian Te'n Obama Tung Ah Biakna Suahtak Nading Ngen Uh

2015 January 26 ni ciang,US President Barack Obama, India gam "Republic Day" mangding in,India PM Narendra Modi in sam a,tua munah Obama pe'n khuallian (Chief Guest) hi ding hi.India azitma in India gamsung Christian te'n Biakna lam suahtakna aomtheih nadingin Modi tungah honggensak in cih Online tungawn in ngetna aneihna uh The American Bazaar te'n tangkokhia uhhi.

A ngetna dan uh pe'n...Mr Obama,India gam nonzitciang India gamsungah, Biakna lam suahtakna a om theihnadingin,Mr Modi kiangah hong gensak in!..India gamsung Christian Biak inn tampitak te pe'n kaphalloh pipi un,Hindu Temple kisuak khinta hi....Christian te ni thupi Christmas ni naleng India gamsung ah "Good Governance Day" min tawh kilahta hi. Hih pe'n Biakna bangmaha hongsimsaklohna uh ahihman in Mr Modi tung ah hong gensak in ci'n gelh uhhi.

India gam sung pe'n BJP te hongmakaihzawh Christian te mun kizip tektek ta in,Uttar Pradesh Hindu biakna makai khat ahi Rajeshwar Singh inbang December 31/2021 ciang,India gamsung ah Christian leh Muslim omnawnlo ding ci'n na tangkokhia khinta hi.


By.World Zomi News Admin Pu Te.



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