Malaysia Defense Minister Pa Leh General Min Aung Hlaing Naypyidaw Khuapi Ah Kimuh Khop Nei.  

February 21/2014

Feb 20,2015 ni in Malaysia Defense Minister H.E. HON DATO' SERI HISHAMMUDDIN TUN HUSSEIN Myanmar Naypyidaw khuapi ah hong pai in Kawlgam galkapmang Senior General Min Aung Hlaing tawh thu kikupkhopna tuamtuam hong nei uh hi.

Hih thukikup khop na sung ah General Min Aung Hlaing in Malaysia gama a om Kawlgam mi te,Laibu tawh a om te a hi zong,O Bem tawh a om te ahi zong in Kawlgam mi ahih nak vua leh thukhum a om mah bang in hoihtak in kem in,huh in, ka vaan nuam mah mah uh hi ci-in Malaysia Defense Minister pa tawh a ki muh khop na vuah gen khiat na nei hi.

Tuakhitban ah tulaitak O bem tawh Malaysia gama a om Kawlgam mite zong Kawlgam ah hong ciah kik theih mengmeng na ding un vaihawm na te ka nei uh aa aman lang thei penpen in kawlgam ah hong ciah thei na ding in vaihawm in pan mun ka la ding uh ci in General Min Aung Hlaing in Malaysia Defense Minister pa tung ah gen hi.

Source:General Min Aung Hlaing .

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General Min Aung is a very honest commander and chief of Myanmar Armed Forces. He was born in 1956. He leads the force and trains him because he has the great experience, How to fight with an enemy.


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