Belgium Gampan ISIS Makai Khat Kiman February 12/2014

Belgian Court in Syria gama ISIS galkap apuakkhiazel khat ahi,Fouad Belkacem cihpa kum 12 sung thongtangdingin thukhensak uh cih BBC in tangkokhia uhhi.Midang 44 zong matnei uha tuatepen thukhensaklai dingin kikoihphot ci uhhi.

ICSR,UK goverment,Germant Interior Ministry,Dutch Ministry of Justice,SwedishSecurity service,BBC leh Saufan groups te upmawhdan ah,Europe gamtuamtuampan Syria leh Iraq gamsung ISIS galkap apai buppi,sehsuah abawlna vuah....France gampan 21.26,UK 9.33,Germany 7.43,Belgium 40.16,Sweden 31.10,Netherland 9.51,Kosovo 66.72,Denmark 19.55,Spain 1.51,Finland 11.01,Ireland 10.86,Norway 9.79,Switzerland 3.07 omdingin lamen uhhi.

By.World Zomi News



11/17/2016 07:18

Terrorism is very common nowadays. Many countries are try to control but it failed. This post about the terrorist and we should care ourselves. Government should make the best security for peoples.


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