ISIS Bomb Bawlsiampa Abu Malik Si Ta

TZN: ISIS te galvan bawllamah amuan pe'n pa uh ahi Abu Malik pe'n January 24 ni in Mosul khuapi khiangah nabusim in,abuknamun ah US galkap te in Jet vanleng tawh vanlampan asimgawp uh leh kaplumngah uh cih US galkap khat in gen hi.

Abu Malik pe'n Iraq kumpi lui Saddam Husein hunlai inzong Bomb bawlsiammi amuanmahmah Chemical Weapons Engeneer nasem khat ahihi.Saddam Husein asihkhitciang Iraq gamsunga Al-Qaeda te nazom in,tuazawhciang ISIS telakah nalutkik hi.Tun pe'n ISIS lampan Bomb puakkham nimtuam tading in lam-en ta uhhi.


By.World Zomi News 



11/10/2016 22:45

Our world is going to destory due to terrorist which is founded everywhere in all over the world but the need is to save our earth from this type chemical sources. ISIS killed many citizen and destroy their houses with bomb and many other materials but I think, this type of news is good to aware all people from these persons.


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