Israel Te'n Tuinuai Ah Sui(Gold)Dangka Honkhat Mu Uh.

February 23/2015

Israel tuisung lutsiam te'n tuinuai ah sumtang honkhat Kg 9 kim mu-uh cih Daily Mail te'n tangkokhia uhhi.Hih sumte pe'n AD 909kum pan 1171 kum ciang,Middle East leh North Africa a ukcip pa Fatimid Caliphat hunlai aa, akizangh sumtang te ci uhhi.


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08/01/2017 05:18

I might not understand the language in which this article has been presented but I may be able to comprehend its essay writing by the help of the picture. The article talks about Israel and the gold found there. It is also from a news source as mentioned in the end of the article and I wish to translate it and read again a it makes me curious.


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