Kokang leh Kawl Galkap te ki kap 

 Kokang Leh Kawlgalkapte Kikap Na Ah Kawlgalkapten Silah Pian Uh.

February 11/2015

Kawlgalkapte in Kokang te galkap 1000 kim bek pha ding in a up mawh uh hi aa,tu in galkap 4000,5000 kim bang hong pha ta uh hi ci hi.Tulaitak kikap na ah kawlgalkap ten lelpian ta in LAUKKAI khuapi a khah suah ding hi ta uh a hih man in Kawlgalkapte in LAUKKAI khuapi sung aa a om a zi leh ta te uh mun muan huai ah ki hen khia sak ta uh hi.

Kokang galkap sung ah akibel pawlpih uh a hi MMDA,KIA,TNLA,AA,SSA/SSPP galkap te leh Sen te hon khat zong ki hel uh hi cih thu Kawlgalkap thunei te tung pan in ki za leu leu hi.

Tulaitak kikap na ah kawlgalkap 31 leh galkap numei 8 si ta in,39 nasiatak in liam in,mihing 4 mang uh hi.

By.World Zomi News



05/17/2017 09:32

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