Tulaai Leitung Thuthang Tuamtuam Updates Feb 20, 2015

·      Somalia gam Mogadishu khuapi sung a om Hotel khat al-Qaeda tetawh khutnuai al-Shabab migilo te in Feb 20,2015 ni in sim uha, alamdang mahmah  in mi 20 lian mah si se uhhi. Hih misi te lak ah Somalia gam mipi teel makaaipi pawlkhat zong kihel ci in gen uhhi.BBC

·      Libya gan khung kuui a on al-Qubbah khuapi sung   munnih ah February 20, 2015 ni in Bomb tang 3 puakkham a mi 40 si in adang 30 te naisia tak in liam uhhi. Libya gamsung aom IS migilo te Egypt ten vanlam tawh anuai  nahang in IS ten bomb apuah khapsak uhhi ci in IS ten gankhia uhhi.BBC

·      Australia gam Queensland leh atung lam teng Cyclone huihpi leh guahpi kituah in February 20, 2015 ni in nasiatak in nawk ahih man in Inn le lo tampi sia a pawlkhat te lauhuai luamahmah ahihman in kumpi thunei ten mundang ah nawnkhia uhhi. Mi bangzah si a bangzah mang cihte atelcian in kithei nailo hi. BBC

·      IS migilo te in Rome khuapi do nading in Libya gam ah gaalkaap kakaaikhawm saan uha, gitloh kisin teng mankhin le uh Rome khuapi doding ci in Online pan February 20, 2015 ni in taangkokhia uhhi hihthu hang in Italy kumpi thunei te in lamdung lamvaai ah gaalkaap 4,800 vaakkhia sak pah ziahziah in Rome khuapi daal kipanta uhhi.VOA

·      Thailand gamte gaalvanleeng F-16A khat thau tang ot dan kisin in alengzialzial kimlai February 20, 2015 ni in kia mawk in ahawlpa si hi. Thailand gamte in F-16A 50 nei uha, 1988 kum in khat kia, 2010 kum in khat kia in tutung a peen athumna ahihi.VOA

·      India Prime Minister Narendra Modi  in January kha,2015 kum President Obama India apai laaia apuan tungsilh silh peen kuan atampeen tawh leinuam ci in azuak ek leh Kham le Nung zuak mihau mahmah khat in $690,000 tawh leiding in February 20, 2015 ni in  kithukim uhhi. BBC

·      2014 kum sung Insurance neilo pipi  Tax refund siauh ciang nei aciteitei Innkuan 80,000 kimukhia ta a kikheelkik in hoih tak kigaampha ding ci in US kumpi te in February 20, 2015 Zomi Namni in taangkokhia uhhi. Tax File laaiding te  zuau nagen kei un sum naliau zaw un.abc


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