MH17: Ukraine gam buaina tungtang ah Kuraine thunei thuvan pi te in vanleng lenna lampi kikhak hi cih thu a gen zawh deuh in Malaysia Airlines Flight 17, kia hi cih pen Dutch thukan te in gen khia uh hi.

Boeing 777 pen Amsterdam pa Malyasia a leng pen July 17, 2014 in ah, Ukraininan te gam sung pro-Russian gammi te in kapkhia uh hi. A sungah a tuang mi 298 sipah uh hi.

MH17 thatang in a kap dan teng thukan te in vanleng themneng teng kaikhawm in a leptuah uh ciangin ah hih pen vanleng lian khalo duh in vanleng mailam lian ah thautang puakkham in vanlung sung meikhua in kuang in vanleng kia hi cih gen uh hi. 



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