ZAM Thupuak :: 11 October 2015

Zomite Leitung bup ah ki thehthang (Diaspora) gam minthang teng ah ki tung ta hi. Tuhun tulaitak in ah a tamna pen ahi Malaysia ah Zomite pawilian pi te lak ah khat ahi Khuado pawi Malaysia gam a om Zomite in nasia tak in bawl ding hi cih thu ki ZAM in laidapi tawh zaksakna leh sapna hawm khia ta hi. 


12/06/2016 08:49

The country is developing day by day and i think all the people of the country may be happy at this occasions.I really appreciate the working hands of those people who are just dong very well for the country.I really like these hard working people.


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