U.S. in Africa ah galkap puak

U.S.  In Africa gam ah singnuai migilo te doding in Monday ni in Cameroon ah galkap 90 Obama in puak hi.   Africa Cameroon ah singnuai mi gamtat sia mahmah Boko Haram pawl te siat tat mahmah uh a, a beisa in zong sangkah numei bus in taipih hi.  

Boko Haram in mi tul tampi tak that in taipih uh hi. U.S. galkap te pen Cameroon kumpi sapna tawh a kipuak hi cih, U.S. galphualpi inn Pentagon pan Lt. Col. Michelle Baldanza in genkhia hi.



I think this post is about the U.S. and Africa may be some problems are create between them so here they give the news but is not translate in English properly due to this i not read this completely but i not like if they do the hard decision.


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