Facebook bawlkhia Pa Mark Zuckerberg San Quentin gilbem inn ah pai

California thung innpi San Quentin ah Facebook bawlkhia pa a zi tawh  va hawh.  Gilbem ah mi tampi in nasem in pawlkhat in computer coding kisin in siam mahmah uh ci a mau kivakna ciatah nasem in a innkuan pihte vanzo ci hi.

U.S. gamsung ah thungkia gilbem ah a vekpi in ah 2.4 million om I,  Leitung bup pi a gawm lak ah 25% ci hi. Tua lakah a tamzaw mivom 40% hi in, Hispanic te leh mivom te zatui zuak leh gamtat siatziak in a kiman ci hi.



Facebook is best socializing for peoples and in fact it is first priority of peoples. Facebook is best thing which are connects with many peoples. But many people are make the fake id and which is not good.

03/09/2017 13:38

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08/01/2017 07:38

Some really useful slides here. I've been looking for something like this to help with a research piece I've been working on.


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