Sente kumpi pa Xi Ping UK ah zinpak

Chinese President Xi Ping ni 4 sung UK ah khualzin pak hi. Chinese President Xi jinping in Brithish Parliament ah Tuesday nitak lam in, a zi tawh mihing te kidalna bitna ding (human rights activists) thu genna nei hi.

Xi in British Parliament pen "parliaments khempeuh innpi nu hi" cih  genna hi.

Xi khualzina pen Britain leh China gam nihte sumzon sumzuakna kizopna lam ah hat semsemna dingin a vazinpak ci hi. A hi zongin ah agenda gelna lian ahilo leitung mite bitna kidalna thuman omtheihna ding (human rights) thu zong genda pi khat in genkhiatna nei uh hi.



01/19/2017 12:33

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