Syria Tualgal buaina tuni dong vengnailo ahih manin nisim vanlam lei lam pan kikapna khawltuanlo hi. Tua kawmkal ah ISIS te zong khauhpai mahmah ahih manin Leitung gam laizang lam Middle East teng toknawi gawp hi. 

Syria tualgal a venloh banah ISIS in Syria gamsung mun zapi tak luah ahih manin Russian kumpi Vladimir Putin ISIS te hawlkhiatna dingleh suksiatna ding ci in vanlam pan bomb nakpi takin khiat in mitampi si ci hi. Hih bomb khiatna pen Putin in ISIS te lam a khiathilo in Syria sung a om gamlenam ading akipiakhia gam hoihna ding a galdo te a khiat hizaw hi ci in US in mawhsak na tangko khia uh hi. Ahi zongin Putin in ISIS te mah hi ka khiat uh ci veve hi. 



08/02/2016 03:47

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